What’s In a Plumber’s Toolbox?

In some cases, the average homeowner can handle a variety of plumbing tasks.

Others, on the other hand, should only be attempted by professionals.

Even though we are well-trained, we also have a lot of special tools that the average person doesn’t have.

So, what’s in the toolkit of a plumber?

Some of our tools are similar to what you might have in your toolbox, while others are specific to our industry.

Tools for basic plumbing

Certain tools are required in any well-stocked toolbox, and a plumber’s kit is no exception.

These are the essentials that we always have with us:





Measurement tape

Allen keys are a type of key that is used.

A handsaw



For many tasks, these may be the only tools we require.

When it comes to big jobs, however, we bring out the big guns!

The applications of specialized plumbing tools

When you hire a plumber to fix a problem, you want him to arrive with the necessary tools for the job.

That’s why we bring a lot of professional equipment with us so that we can solve the problem right away.

These aren’t items you’d find in a typical toolbox.

We plumbers, like other craftsmen, treat our tools as if they were gold.

The following are some of the items found in the typical plumber’s vehicle:

We utilize a hand augur, sometimes known as a plumber’s snake, to break up and remove deep-seated obstructions that a plunger can’t reach.

We also have a motorized version for very tough clogs, as well as a jetter that uses pressurized water to blast obstructions away.

Pipe cutters: These machines are available in a variety of sizes and can cut and re-thread piping of any size.

This is a specialty tool that is ideal for installing or removing basins in confined locations—hence the name!

It’s also perfect for kitchen faucets and other jobs that require a lot of movement.

We keep these torches on hand to solder copper pipes and new fittings.

We also bring fire-resistant fabric to shield the area around the torch from any stray sparks.

Personal protection equipment, or PPE, is an essential part of any tradesperson’s kit.

For plumbers, gloves, a hard hat, goggles, strong work boots, and a first-aid kit with plenty of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer and wipes are all required.

A plumbing company have everything they need to get the work done perfectly the first time.

Having the appropriate tools for every job, every time, is part of being good about plumbing.